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Published October 1, 2017

How Jack and the magic beans helped us to deliver a message in Ormat Technologies’ new B2B introductory video

After our first meeting with Ormat, a company which designs, develops and builds geothermal power plants (A.K.A green energy power plants), we received the task of creating an introductory video to convey one clear message: “Ormat delivers and ALWAYS comes through”.

Ormat wanted this video to focus on their ability to deliver tailored solutions according to each customer’s needs, without compromising on quality and schedule; unlike some of the company’s competitors, which often promised impractical features and unrealistic results just to close a deal.

Our approach and creative direction for this project was to use the fairytale world as a reference to help us emphasise how companies sometimes try to attract potential clients with offers  that could not exist in the real world.  Yes, you guessed it – just like in fairytales.

Let’s just say that fairytales are not the first idea that comes to mind when thinking about a video for a company that builds power plants. That is exactly what makes this video so special..

Now its your turn to press play and see it for your self.

Ormat Technologies New B2B Introductory Video from BlackBoard Studios on Vimeo.

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