UVEYE 3D Promotional Video

A 3D promotional video for Uveye, a unique under-vehicle inspection device. The video begins with a sequence of real life situations illustrating the problem and need, followed by stylized 3D animation and futuristic motion graphics, presenting the solution.


EDC Enterprises

Real estate drone footage combined with 3D opener, Stock footage and motion graphic for EDC Enterprises.

Benjamin’s Brother – Room 505

Official Music video for Benjamin’s Brother's single Room 505

A BlackBoard Studios production Directed by Too Short For Modeling

AgentVi SmartCity video

Live Action scenario Video presenting an ongoing terror threat and how AgentVi technology helps to prevents the attack
The video includes live action footage we produced,3D animation and motion graphics

A BlackBoard Studios Production.
Script & Directors: Too Short For Modeling - Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal.
Client: AgentVi

2015 Showreel – BEST YEAR SO FAR!


 A 3D Product Demo we created for Roni Zalevski. Presenting the A new and innovative recycling eco system

Reporty – New 3D Video

A new 3D action thriller video we created for Reporty, the Homeland Security social app.

Sivan Talmor

The clip, inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, follows a young girl and a fantastical companion, whose power she uses to fuel her journey. But all is not as it seems! Lyrics and Music : Sivan Talmor Produced by Ori Winokur Arranged by Ori Winokur and Sivan Talmor Guitars : Sivan Talmor Piano , Glockenspiel : Einav Jackson Cohen Drums and Percussions: Alon Lotringer Keyboards : Ori Winokur Recorded and Mixed By Ori Winokur at The Slick Studio , Tel Aviv Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound , New York clip: A BlackBoard Studios production Shira Haas DOP- Ynon Slutzky Gaffer- Gad Biberman, Or Litman, Omer Harel Set Decorator- Adva Rodan Make-up- Tanya Yerushalmi, Revital Cohen Wardrobe - Hamoutal Ziulkowski Assistant Directore - Yair Fridman Assistant Producer - Elia Grinfeld Best Boy- Yotam Knispel Yogev buskila,Michael Dunaevsky Car rental - Tomer yechezkel Special Thanks to Nadav Hekselman & Ziv Berkovich Animation and VFX - BlackBoard Studios VFX and Color grading - BlackBoard Studios & Noam Sharon Matte Painting - Gal Primack Najari, Noam Sharon Directed by Too Short For Modeling



Benjamin’s Brother

A BlackBoard Studios Production

Yana Goor, Henry David
DOP- Eyal Bau Cohen
Gaffer- Ftian Ibrahim
Set Decorator- Avshalom Smolarchik
Make-up- Galit Shani
Wardrobe - Hamoutal Ziulkowski
1st AC- Guy Shapira
Best Boy- Nadav Sharon
Grip- Tom Harari

Animation - BlackBoard Studios
VFX and Color grading - Noam Sharon

Directed by
Too Short For Modeling
(Noam Sharon & Tal Rosenthal)

Written & composed by - Benjamin's Brother
Produced by - Gil Lewis
Vocals - Benjamin's Brother
Vocals - Sivan Hadass
Arrangements - Benjamin’s Brother & Yoav Gilad

Israeli Pavilion Video – Export Institute

An innovative and colorful motion graphic video we created for the Israeli export institute - it was displayed in MWC 2016 on huge 3x3 meter screen in the expo.


Take a look at our brand new movie we produced for Nextpeer, The most powerful social layer for mobile game developers

  • Costumer: Nextpeer
  • Producer: BlackBoard Studios
  • Director: Noam Sharon
  • Post production: BlackBoard Studios


Automate Your Flow

In this movie, we created a fresh 3D animation to show the benefits of the Score Process-based, lightweight, multilingual open-source orchestration engine. We aimed for a colorful and low poly look in order to create a light and happy atmosphere.


We Proudly present ACOLLECTIVE ‘BREAKAPART’ VIDEO CLIP! The concept was to bring album covers to life and connect them as the phenomena of sleeveface. We were responsible of all the post production and vfx in this video clip. It was a lot of fun working on this project and we hope you all enjoy watching it.

Check Point

Checkpoint is a leading company in making your business safe as possible from any virtual threat there is. in this movie they will show us what could happen if you wont prepare for the tomorrow.

  • Costumer: Attractive
  • Producer: TheGamers.TV
  • Director: Noam Sharon
  • Post production: BlackBoard Studios

Voyager Analytics

Motion graphic movie we created for Voyager Analytics.

  • Costumer: Voyager Analytics
  • Director: Noam Sharon
  • Post production: BlackBoard Studio


The new video we created for IT Executive Scorecard software.   A 2D animation video characterized with innovative, clean design and a unique and attractive motion graphics. The movie presents IT Executive Scorecard features and screens.  

Natural Gas Is Here!

A One minute commercial for the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources. Aired in prime-time.

  • Customer: Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources
  • Producer: Market Master
  • 3D animation: BlackBoard Studios


A 2D animation video we created for Cloudyn. The movie presents the Cloud Monitoring Platform for Cloud Cost Management, features and benefits. The angle character we created for the movie is now used in marketing materials

Domino Ra-Li

On 2009 we elected Bibi because we wanted a change, and we did get one- but not the one we asked for. On march 17th we choose a different path - Bibi's game is over. #thedayafter

  • Writer/Director: Tal Rosental & Noam Sharon
  • Sound: Isgav Dotan
  • Narration: Gil Komar
  • Post production: BlackBoard Studios


A 2D animation video we created for Roojoom. This Video presents us with Melissa, a character we created, taking inspiration from the company logo, Melisa will show you the wonderful world of roojoom and it's efficient and intuitive tools.


An internal movie for Teva company. The concept was to create a world where all is working and fits together just like Lego does. It's been fun integrating Lego in blender :)

  • Director: Ariel katzor
  • Production company: Bunker LTD
  • 3D animation: BlackBoard Studios


A 3D product video we created for Silonit Sionit is a unique and efficient product for oral care. This movie shows us the many uses of Silonit in a sexy and attractive way. Take care of your mouth hygiene :)

RTNC Group

An introductory movie we created for RTNC Group. In this movie our goal was to express and emphasis the company abilities to provide consulting services and national solutions from conception to execution. Script, concept and execution by BlackBoard Studios.

Newpan Singing Sockets

3D sockets, singing in a one minute commercial that was aired in TV and cinemas

  • Costumer: Newpan
  • Advertising agency: GNS
  • Production :  Bunker
  • 3D animation : BlackBoard Studios

BlackBoard Studios

BlackBoard Studios are proud to present our 2014 showreel. You can find here a collection of creation from 2014.


IGH - Green house solutions

  • Costumer: IGH
  • Post production: BlackBoard Studios